Location:  Kangaroo Bay, Bellerive, Tasmania 

Material: bronze

Fabricator – Perides Art Foundry 

The everyday is memorialised in the bronze forms of Mooring which are cast quite literally from the types of post-war aluminium objects that might have been found in the sunrooms and patios of Hobart’s Eastern suburbs houses, including planters, soda siphons, beakers and other household objects. 



Location:  Gasworks, Brisbane 

Material: steel, vitreous enamel ,  aluminium frame,  LED  floodlights.

Size: 2 components 1800 mm diameter 

Consultants: Tom Dooley Developments in association with Plazibat Architects and Armitstead ART Consulting (curator Jacqueline Armitstead)  

Fabricator – Stainless Aesthetics, Brisbane

Plant was commissioned in accordance with the Brisbane City Council’s Art in Public Places policy.

Plant incorporates apertures inspired by the trivets of gas stoves tops emitting strong blue light and its construction recalls the modern vision of the bolted and fabricated components of the Victorian era Gasometer structure itself. The artist worked directly with Glass Metal Industries, Geelong who have been producing vitreous enamel products since 1890)  to handcraft surfaces using this traditional process.



Location: Station Square, Joondalup, Western Australia
Material: Aluminium, steel, water mist unit, LED lights
Size: 3m diameter

Consultants: Lend Lease, Fred Cehak (Project Manager for Griffith University)

Fabrication: Stainless Aesthetics



Location: Zhengzhou, China
Material: Aluminium
Size: variable

Consultants: UAP



Location: Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
Material: Aluminium, steel, led lights
Size: 3.2m diameter

Consultants: Gladstone Regional Council, Arts Queensland, Stainless Aesthetics (fabricator), Damian O’Mara (engineer), Fred Cehak (Project Manager for Griffith University)



Location: Tianfu Sales Centre, Chengdu Heneng
Material: Aluminium
Size: elements 1.2m diameter

Consultants: UAP

True North


Location: Mackay, Queensland
Material: polyethylene
Size: variable

Consultants: Lend Lease, Mackay Regional Gallery, Mackay Regional Council, Fred Cehak (Project Manger for Griffith University).



Location: The Atrium, Federation Square Melbourne
Material: Re-used aluminium kitchenware
Size: variable

Consultants: Federation Square, Ray Purkis, Fred Cehak



Location: KAUST, Saudi Arabia
Material: White bronze
Size: elements 1m diameter to 2.4m diameter

Consultants: Urban Art Projects (UAP)



Location: George St, Brisbane, Australia
Material: Aluminium kitchenware
Size: variable

Consultants: Cox Rayner, Jacqueline Amitstead, Antill Constructions (Simon Laws), Fred Cehak, Grosvernor

I Saw an Angel in the Marble and Carved to Set Him Free

(in collaboration with Simon Laws, 2009)

Location: Musgrave Park, Labrador, Queensland, Australia
Material: Rubber, steel
Size: variable

Consultants: Simon Laws, collection of the City of the Gold Coast



Location: Brisbane Square, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Material: Aluminium
Size: variable

Consultants: DCM Architects, ABN Amro, Brisbane City Council and Fred Cehak (Project Manager)

Oscilloscope (Trace)


Location: The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award, Werribee Park, Victoria
Material: Aluminium, size variable

Oscilloscope (Trace) references  the electrocardiogram or ECG, a device that measures the electrical activity of the human heart. This activity is displayed on the screen of the oscilloscope and mapped in detail by a line known as the “The Trace”. The Trace moves and fades across the screen as it tracks the changing rhythm of life. A tonne of saucepan lids, pudding bowls and other redundant objects reordered as an oscilloscope becomes a symbol of the changing movement of people and things– the objects or ‘heartbeat’ of everyday life – recording life and waste as they are constructed and constrained by each other.

The Twelve Apostles 


Location: McClelland Contemporary Sculpture Survey and Award, Langwarrin 

 Material: Aluminium, size variable




The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award at Weribee, Victoria

Material: Aluminium, EPDM rubber, mirror finish stainless steel, 140 cm diameter


Glowing Defiance


Location: Mermaid Beach


Material: plastic, 140 cm diameter


My Millennium Dome


Location: Noosa, Queensland 

The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award at Weribee, Victoria

Material: Aluminium, Aluminium  100 x 180 x 180 cm