15 Artists Redcliffe Art Gallery – 25 August to Saturday 13 October 2018

This annual prestigious exhibition is by national invitation

Gold Registration, Aluminium 2018, 70 x 227 x 9 cm

Courtesy the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer

Made essentially from the same material as both spaceships and disposable take-away containers, aluminium is a material that once rivalled gold in value. It then became the ‘poor man’s silver’ but is now the most readily recycled metal.

The fifty aluminium components that comprise Gold Registration appear identical. Closer examination however, reveals several types of ‘pairs’, this arrangement hinting at the intensity of the manufacture, use, dispersal and collection of these objects.

Registration records the humble and the grand in private and public life. It is also the process of aligning specific marks to mechanically produce a printed image, a record.